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Ko Chang is in Trat Province, in Eastern Thailand, about 330 kilometers from Bangkok. It is Thailand's second largest island, and the biggest in Ko Chang National Park. With about 5000 permanent residents the island is not heavily populated, but tourism (and development) has increased dramatically over the last few years.

Koh Chang

Off Thailand’s southeastern coast Koh Chang is Thailand’s second-largest island after Phuket. The Koh Chang National Marine Park occupies most of Koh Chang as well as several nearby islands. The island is located 140 mi/225 km southeast of Bangkok. In recent years the island has become more popular with travelers and Thai people alike. Most of the beach resorts are located on the beautiful west coast of the island. Koh Chang has several wonderful waterfalls that allow swimming and diving from rocks. There are elephant trekking tours through the jungle and there are a dozen diving schools that will guide you to the best diving spots that Thailand has to offer. Most Thais like to go squid fishing at night and kayaking or hiking during the day.

There is a local information repository kohchang.guidebook.in.th that hosts maps and tips.

Arriving on Ko Chang by boat, you are greeted by many truck taxis waiting to take you around the island. The roads are steep and winding at times, but these local treks will be memorable.

Ko Chang is one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands with long white sandy beaches, most half deserted. The island is also home to a wide range of wildlife, including a good selection of birds, snakes, deer and several elephants. The island and its vicinity are great places for snorkeling, diving and jungle hiking. The "discovery" of the island as a tourist destination since 2000 has brought on many rapid developments, and while still far quieter than places like Phuket or Ko Samui, it's probably better to go now than later.


Before World War II, Ko Chang was little known by any one. During this period, the few families there made a living growing coconuts and fruit on the mainland. In January 1941, during the Japanese occupation, the Thai Navy fought the French in a battle in the waters to the south-east of Ko Chang.

Nothing else happened to Ko Chang until the first backpacker foreigners started arriving on the back local fishing boats in the mid-1970s. In 1982, Ko Chang along with surrounding area became part of the protected Mu Chang Marine. Only very recently, in less than ten years, Ko Chang has turned itself into a major tourist destination, both for foreigners and local Thais.

This sudden tourism boom however, has been thwart with controversy concerning land encroachment etc. The government is trying to "develop" it from a backpackers' paradise to a top-level destination, and construction work is going on throughout the island, with basic huts torn down to make way for fancy resorts.


The largest island in the Ko Chang Marine Park archipelago, Ko Chang was named for the elephant shape of its headland, although elephants are not indigenous to the island.

Koh Chang has an area of about 429 square kilometers. The topography contains high mountains and complex stone cliffs. The highest mount is Khao Salak Phet which is 744 meters high, rich in fertile evergreen forest which is the main water source. Therefore, there are many waterfalls, beaches and splendid reefs in the west of the island.

Most accommodations is located on the western side of the island, where the sandy beaches are. On the eastern side of the island there are no sandy beaches and this side is far less touristy. There are some nice waterfalls.

70 percent of this undisturbed island is rainforest, steep hills, cliffs, waterfalls, and wildlife, fine beaches, coral reefs and the abundance of marine life. The island also offers tall mountains and rock cliffs. The tallest mountain on Ko Chang is Salakpetch.


Ko Chang has the same seasons as the capital Bangkok. The best season to go is the (comparatively) cool season between November and February. March to May are roasting hot and between June and October it rains, and a lot at that: 4,000 mm in an average year.

Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) 31 32 33 35 33 32 32 32 31 30 30 30
Nightly lows (°C) 20 22 24 25 25 24 24 24 24 24 22 25

How to get there

By plane

Bangkok Airways flies three times a day from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport (the "new" BKK) to Trat. The flights depart at 09:00, 12:15, and 16:35, and takes 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Direct door-to-door minibus transfers from Trat airport to Ko Chang resorts cost 475 baht/person one way and 800 baht/person return including the ferry crossing.

From Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport, take the free express shuttle bus from outside the arrivals concourse to the airport's own bus terminal, and from there the next available bus to either Trat or Chanthaburi, then proceed as described below.

By bus

From Bangkok the easiest, most direct, and most economical way to get to Laem Ngop (where the Ko Chang ferry piers are) is to take a 1st class bus from the Eastern (Ekamai) Bus Terminal direct to the Centrepoint pier. The fare is 268 baht and takes just over five hours. Departures from Ekamai are at 07:45 & 09:45, and return at 14:00 and 16:00. Subject to seat availability, this bus can also be boarded at Chanthaburi.

Alternatively, there are 1st class (approx. 5 hours, around 250 baht) and 2nd class services from both the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) and Northern Bus Terminal (Moh Chit) direct to Trat, and frequent songthaew services from Trat to Laem Ngop (approx. 30 minutes, 50 baht/person). Departures from Ekamai are more frequent than from Moh Chit. If coming by bus from the south, the #511 air-con bus connects directly between Bangkok's Southern (Sai Tai Mai) and Eastern (Ekamai) bus terminals.

Connection in Trat can also be used if coming from Pattaya (2nd class bus, 4 hours, around 200 baht).

There are direct minibus services to Laem Ngop from Pattaya, Ban Phe (gateway to Ko Samet), and Bangkok's Khao San Road. They, however, are less comfortable and spacious than public buses, and you may be charged significantly more by travel agencies selling tickets to these, as often with any tourist-oriented transportation in Thailand.

It may also be possible to proceed directly to Laem Ngop by minibus or songthaew from the Hat Lek / Koh Kong border crossing with southern Cambodia, depending on the time of year, time of day, etc - enquire locally. Price around 120 baht (one way) from the border to Trat bus station

By boat
pier Tha Ferry Dan Kao

Most ferries operate from Laem Ngop, which has three piers . The Laem Ngop (Tha Khrom Luang or Tha Laern Ngop) pier is approximately 700 meters west of Laem Ngop. The 'Centrepoint' (Tha Centre Point) pier is located about 3.5 km north-west of Laem Ngop. These piers serve both vehicle and passenger ferries.

Koh Chang vehicle ferry pier is located in Thammachat Bay (Ao Thammachat), around 15 km west of Laem Ngop.

All piers on Ko Chang are situated on the eastern side of the island. The major piers are the two Dan Kao piers, Tha Dan Kao and Tha Ferry Dan Kao, who handles most of the traffic. To take a boat from Laem Ngop to the Dan Kao piers take around 45 minutes. The car ferry from Laem Ngop take around 1 hour and arrives at the Tha Ferry Dan Kao pier, situated 400 minutes southeast of the Tha Dan Kao pier. The car ferry from Thaachat Bay stops at the Ko Chang Ferry Pier (Tha Ferry Ko Chang) in the Sapparot Bay (Ao Sapparot), 3 kilometres northwest fom the Dan Kao piers.

Light meals, fruit, fruits and beverages are available at all the piers and on the car ferries.

By Taxi or Limousine

From Bangkok or Suvarnabhumi international airport the ride takes a total of about 5-5.5 hours by Limousine or Taxi. Most Taxi's will decline this ride as the risk of empty return is too high for them. Most (airport) limousines will deliver you at the hotel or resort on Koh Chang, especially if they can make it back to the mainland before the last ferry sails.

Getting around
Hillside road on the southern part of the island

In the daytime, you can catch a songthaew on its route around the main road for 50 or 100 baht/person, depending how far you go. Starting from 5.00pm, many of them start to ask "taxi" price, telling you that they operate as a public transport only until that time, and may quote prices as high as say 500 baht from Lonely beach to the Dan Kao pier (bargain if you choose to hire, do not support silly prices!). However, if you have some time and patience, you still can try and have a "shared" ride with some drivers, maybe for a higher rate if they expect little or no other passengers.

These taxis are also waiting at the Dan Kao Pier (50 baht/person to White Sand beach, 100 baht to Lonely beach). At the Dan Kao Ferry-Pier there may be no taxis available. If you arrive without a vehicle you may have to walk the 400 metres to Dan Kao Pier.

Small motorcycles can be hired for 150-250B. The main road almost circles the island and there are plans to complete the circuit in the near future. Cars are also available for rental, most hotels can help with it. 4x4 car recommended, since some roads might be in bad condition, especially near Lonely Beach.

If there are 2 or more people going with you, hiring a songthaew may cost the same price, or even be cheaper than paying per each person in a "shared" songthaew (there is no difference, an empty songthaew can easily be hired). Just do not forget to bargain if their price sounds quite silly when compared, say, to Bangkok taxi-meter (on Ko Chang it can be difficult if not impossible to get the same price, but at least it should not cost double or even more). Most folk however, just stay put on the beach of their choice and walk to wherever they want to go.

What to see

The Mu Ko Chang National Park - National Marine Park comprising parts of Ko Chang and 46 other islands

War memorial monument - in the very south of the island


Klong Plu - the most popular, and the only one on the west side of the island

Klong Nonsi - on the east side of the island

Klong Nueng - said to be the most breathtaking

Khiri Petch - medium sized, about 3 kilometers from Salak Petch village

Kongoi - 5 waterfalls near Bangbao

The Thanmayom - near Thanmayom pier

Ko Chang Naval Battle Site located in the southern part of Ko Chang. The Trat waters near Ao Salak Phet and Ao Salak Khok also added another page in the Thai history of fighting for the country’s sovereignty. On 17 January 1941, the Royal Thai Navy managed to evict the invaders although they lost a certain number of squadrons and soldiers. 17 January has become a memorial day for the fighting, of which a service is held annually at Ko Chang Naval Battle Memorial in Amphoe Laem Ngop.

Ko Ngam was the first point of confrontation in the Franco–Siamese War in which the French army sent aircraft on the reconnaissance and bombing of the island, whereas Ko Wai is the point where French patrol aircraft crashed after being fired by HTMS Songkhla and HTMS Chon Buri.

A squadron of 7 French warships led by the Lamotte Piquet Cruiser, 2 sloops and 4 gunboats invaded in 3 divisions. The Lamotte Piquet alone made Division 1 blocking the south of Ko Wai and Ko Bai Tang. Division 2 comprising 1 sloop and 1 gunboat blocked the channel between Ko Khlum and Ko Wai whereas Division 3 comprising 1 sloop and 3 gunboats blocked the channel between Ko Khlum and Laem Bang Bao.

Ko Mai Si is a small private island located not far from Ko Kut where there is beautiful nature, sandy beaches and clear water –home to diversified marine life and ideal for diving. Various plant species grow wild on the island, which used to be a confrontation site between the Lamotte Piquet and HTMS Thon Buri that was in commission at Ko Lim. In assisting HTMS Songkhla and HTMS Chon Buri which were heavily fired and eventually sank near Ao Salak Phet and Ao Salak Khok, the HTMS Thon Buri was also hardly attacked, ran aground and sank near Laem Ngop.

Semi-homestay accommodation is available for a group visit of 15–30 persons. A 3-day/2-night package sells at Bt 4,500-5,000, 2-day/1-night at Bt 4,000-4,500. For more details, please contact Tel. 0 2750 6873, 0 9980 5757.

Ao Khlong Son a bay in the northernmost west of the island where Ban Khlong Son Community is located, with a beautiful coral reef. Accommodation is available. Klongson Beach is the first beach on the right after you disembark at the ferry pier.

Namtok Khlong Nonsi a small waterfall to the northeast of the island accessible by a 3-km. pathway from Ban Dan Mai or about 4 km. from the national park’s headquarters.

Namtok Than Mayom a medium 4-tiered waterfall located some 500 meters through a garden behind the national park’s headquarters, with the 3rd tier being the most beautiful. King Rama V, King Rama VII and Queen Rambhai Barni used to visit this waterfall as evident from the royal initials on the rock.

Namtok Khlong Phlu a large and most breathtaking waterfall on Ko Chang with water cascading down 3 tiers of the cliff to a basin, with an entrance located 3 km. from Ao Khlong Phrao plus another 20-minute walk.

Long Beach/ Hat Sai Yao located near Ao Salak Phet to the south of the island with a long stretch of sandy beach where swimming is available. Trekking to the naval battle site, as well as a trip to admire nearby islands such as Ko Lao Ya, Ao Salak Phet, Ko Wai, etc. is provided. The viewpoint in the area is terrific and so are the snorkeling opportunities. The only way to get to this beach is by boat. Accommodation is available.

Monkey Training Center located at Mu 4 Hat Sai Khao, Tambon Ko Chang, the center provides training as well as shows of monkey’s abilities, especially in collecting coconuts. There are 3 shows daily at 10.00 a.m., 02.00 p.m. and 04.00 p.m. Admission is Bt 200. For more details, please call Tel. 0 1982 8661, 0 6531 3398.

Ban Salak Phet the largest and oldest community on Ko Chang located in the southern part. The villagers’ main occupation is coastal fishery in an advantageous area sheltered from winds and storms by islands and mountains. There is an old temple in front of the village known as Wat Salak Phet built in the reign of King Rama V on his royal visit to the island. Ao Salak Phet is the largest bay on the island.

Namtok Khiri Phet a single-storeyed waterfall located 3 km. from Ban Salak Phet Community through a rubber plantation.

Namtok Khlong Nueng a small waterfall near Namtok Khiri Phet – Ban Rong Than, located some 2 km. deeper inside the island from the Salak Phet Community with another 480-metre walk. The waterfall cascades down from a narrow gorge for 120 metres. Swimming is available.

Bangbao Beach is a small fishing village where the villagers still live in houses built on stilts, all connected by wooden bridges. The area is developing quite quickly in regards to tourism. The road getting there is steep and winding.

Bang Bao Fishery Village a village of houses on stilts built into the sea with bridges connecting them together. Most of the villagers are descendants of the Salak Phet villagers, living a simple way of life and earning their living from coastal fishery, with abundant soft cuttlefish and corals. There is a pier, fish dock, and manufacturing of shrimp paste, fish sauce, dried shrimp and salted fish. The area is an ideal berthing area for fishing boats, with mountains and islands providing a good shelter from wind and storms in the monsoon season.

Ban Rong Than a small community located near Salak Phet in the southern part of the island. It is a scenic viewpoint where the mist-covered peak of Khao Salak Phet in the north and Ko Maphrao Nai and mountains near Laem Yai in the east are visible. A panoramic view of the whole area of Ao Salak Phet is also available from Samnak Song Atulaphon Banphot on the hill.

Ao Bai Lan located next to Hat Kai Bae and accessible by a pathway across the mountain which takes about 1 hour, with a scenic view of mountains along the way. Ao Bai Lan has a long stretch of serene beach ideal for swimming and relaxing.

Hat Kai Bae a sloping and long stretch of beach connecting with Hat Khlong Phrao where swimming is good. There are several bungalows for rent at economy prices, some with mountain bikes available.

Hat Khlong Phrao- Laem Chaiyachet (-) a long stretch of sloping beach connecting with Hat Kai Bae where swimming is possible. There are several bungalows for rent with standard rooms and necessary facilities. The northernmost end of Ao Khlong Phrao connects with Laem Chaiyachet with a scenic rocky cape but swimming is not possible.

Laem Chaichet nestling between White Sand and Klong Prao beaches is a great place to see the sunset and admire Klong Prao’s natural beauty. Activities to do here include: snorkeling, kayaking and fishing. Coconut Beach Resort and Chaichet Bungalow are located on this site.

Ko Chang Noi, north of the Ko Changh an abundance of coral.

Tri Petch Waterfall, located 3km from Salak Petch Community, has just the one storey.

White Sand Beach is one the island’s longest beaches that attracts a lot of visitors. At the back or the beach are orchards of coconut trees and forests. Located north of the beach is the White Sand Beach Resort which has more than 100 bungalows, some of them very near the beach. The stretch of peaceful beach in front of this resort is 680-metre long.

Ao Sapraros is the location of the pier to and from Ko Chang.

Lonely Beach is extremely popular with backpackers hoping to find cheap budget accommodation. The road leading there is a difficult one; it is steep and curved.

Donkao Pier is where there are ferries to Center Point and Lae Ngob Pier. There is no accommodation.

Salakkok is a small fishing village that is popular for its cheap and fresh seafood.

Baan Bang Bao or Bang Bao Fishery Village is unique in that every dwelling was built in the sea. There are small bridges connecting each one. Some of the abodes have been transformed into guesthouses and seafood restaurants.

Baan Khlong Son or Khlong Son Village has rubber plantations, orchards and traditional fishery. For tourists there are fishing tours, squid fishing or snorkling to view schools of fishes on Koh Mapring and Koh Chang Noi nearby.

Baan Dan Kao or Dan Kao Village has indigenous folk of Koh Chang Noi who rear the fish in floating baskets especially “Yamsawat Fish” or Blue Spotted Sea Bass which are popular among the consumers who prefer to eat live fish.

Baan Dan Mai(Dan Mai Village) and Baan Khlong Non Si (Khlong Non Si Village) have orchards, coconut plantations and traditional fishery. The lychee trees grown here are the traditional breed called “Silaman 200 years”. This breed of lychee tree has the large size and it is believed to be found on Koh Chang Noi only.

Baan Salak Petch or Salak Petch villagers mainly work about coastal fishery. Most houses were built in the sea like those in Bang Bao Village but it is a bigger community. Every house is connected with the wood bridge.

Baan Rong Than or Rong Than Village is an area which used to be the sites, owned by most villagers, for charcoal making from mangrove wood.

Baan Jek Bae or Jek Bae villagers work about traditional fishery, rubber plantation and coconut plantation.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1 Leave Bangkok in the early morning and arrive on Ko Chang at mid-day. Check into your bungalow on White Sand Beach and enjoy the rest of the afternoon sunbathing and swimming. In the evening, have a romantic seafood dinner on the beach.
Day 2 Take a boat out to the islands and go snorkeling (or diving).
Day 3 Go hiking in the jungles and see a couple of waterfalls.
Day 4 Visit the village of Ban Bang Bao to see the pretty harbor and have seafood lunch. Then go to Salakkok village and hire a canoe to row through the mangroves.
Day 5 After breakfast, return to Bangkok.

What to do

Agrotourism Attractions

Amphoe Ko Chang

Bunsi Salakphet Tambon Ko Chang Tai, Tel. 0 3955 3039 (mangosteen, durian, rambutan, Long Kong orchard).

Canoeing 1 or 2 seater canoes can be hired at many places on the island. Canoeing through the mangrove forests is most popular.

Diving The area may not have the best diving site in Thailand but it is still excellent. There are quite a lot of PADI courses around of various different skills. Depending on how far it is, a day trip to one of the dive sites ought to cost you near 2500-3000 baht. All trips include 2 dives, full equipment, transportation, food & drinks and a Divemaster. Snorkeling that costs around 600-700baht.

Ko Chang Marine National ParkHin Kuak Maa offers the diver a huge variety of solid and soft corals which are home to the likes of moray eels, blue spotted sting rays, sea turtles, starfish, stonefish and puffer fish.

Hin Luk Bath has turned into one of the most favored dive sites around with its boulder formations which appear from a sandy seabed 15 meters down The way they jut out allows a vast array of corals and barrel sponges. It is also possible to spot angel fish and barracuda.

Hin Rap South is a 18 meter rock pinnacle which can be dived by anyone of every level. It is covered with staghorn corals, barrel sponges and delicate corals. Experienced divers can also venture out 200 meters to admire a group of rocks known as blue mountains which often glow from the sun.

Hin Run Tek, with an average depth of 12 meters, is a huge rock formation site with a diversity of colorful marine life such parrotfish, wrasse and angelfish.

Flyovers Microlight aircraft give flyover tours.

Hiking on Ko Chang is popular due to the natural pristine surroundings including waterfalls, especially the routes Klong Son to Kai Bae and Kai Bae to Bang Bao.

Package tours for snorkeling, diving, elephant riding etc. are widely available. One of many Travel Agencies on the island that can arrange tours is located in Chai Chet: Coco Dee Bo Tours - Tel: 08-6328-4684, 08-7711-3390 - Website: http://www.cocodeebokohchang.com

Snorkeling tours day cruise to southern islands. Relaxing and snorkeling.

Khlong Plu waterfalls is medium size waterfall within a half a mile walk from parking area. Swimming possibility. Entrance fee to park 400 baht.

See Fireflies Boat trips on the lagoon near Khlong Prao beach to see fireflies can be organized through a travel agent/hotel. Year round. 150-200 baht for 30 minute trip.

All Terrain Vehicles track Tear up the mountainside on ATVs

Baan Zen Klong Prao Beach, - In a beautiful traditional Thai style home set up right on the water, enjoy the advantage of a personal tailored training - - 3/5 days Yoga session Reiki 1 / Reiki 2 / Master Reiki Tel: 08 6530 9354 - Web site :www.baanzen.com

[ Jungle Way] 14 Moo 3, Klong Son Village, Koh Chang, Trat , Tel: 08 9223 4795, 08 9247 3161, close to Ban Kwan Chang elephant camp Reiki, Massage , Yoga & mation Website: www.jungleway.com
Events & Festivals

The Ko Chang Yutthanavi Day is organized in late January at the Ko Chang Yutthanavi Memorial on Laem Ngop. The event commemorates the Royal Thai Navy’s fight against the French on January 17, 1941. There is an exhibition by the Royal Thai Navy and merit-making and tribute rites are performed

What to Learn

Besides diving, Thai cooking courses on Ko Chang are where wanna-be Thai cuisine chefs can learn to cook up all their favorite dishes such as tom yum kung, sweet green curry and chicken with cashew nuts.

What to Buy

Market stands along the main road. Pretty much the same pirate products in every stand. Lots of salespeople on the beaches, especially White Sands Beach.

ATMs and 7-Eleven convenience stores can be found alongside the main western coastline road.

Local Product

The Ngop (native hat) is a cottage industry product made by villagers in the Nam Chieo community. It is located on the route to Laem Ngop district.

What to shop

Amphoe Laem Ngop

Che Noi 123/1 Mu 1 Tambon Laem Ngop, Amphoe Laem Ngop, Trat (Tel: 0 3959 7030, 0 3959 7130), (Seafood products)
Ko Chang Souvenir 101/14 Tambon Laem Ngop, Amphoe Laem Ngop, Trat
Phonphimon 24/4 Tambon Laem Ngop, Amphoe Laem Ngop, Trat (Tel: 0 3959 7050, 0 3959 7111), (Seafood products)

Amphoe Mueang

Sunday 141 Sukhumvit Road, Amphoe Mueang, Trat (Tel: 0 3953 0080, 0 3953 1325)

(Food products and handicrafts)

Amphoe Ko Chang

One Tanbon One Product Tambon Ko Chang Tai (Tel: 0 3955 5035, 0 6158 2693) (Preserved Food, Coconut Shell Product)

What to eat

Menus are similar to the rest of Thailand, but an island-surcharge is unavoidable due to higher transportation cost of raw materials. There are many restaurants on any given beach open both daytimes and evening with a strong concentration of tourist-minded facilities in White Sand beach village.

The beaches of Ko Chang are all dotted with restaurants dishing up some delicious seafood as well as offering romantic evening views. And don’t forget to try Koh Chang’s very own wine which comes in a variety of fruity flavors including: mangosteen, pineapple and grape.

Where to stay

Most of the hotels are located on the west side of the island, with many resorts and guest houses all along the road that leads down the coast. Generally speaking, prices drop off the further away from the port you get. Supply far outstrips demand, so finding a place to stay should never be hard, though the best or cheapest places may fill up at weekends.

The national park offers accommodation as follow: Khlong Son Office–9 rooms for 2–6 persons at Bt 800–2,500. For more information, Tel. 0 3955 5086 or contact National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, Bangkok, Tel. 0 2562 0760-2, www.dnp.go.th.
Sai Khao Beach (White Sands Beach)

Located in the north west, in a section called Hat Sai Khao. This area is being developed quite rapidly, so prices are going up. However, you can still find bungalows for 400 baht/night.

Apple Bungalow 7/4 Mu 4, '''White Sand Beach''' (Tel: 08 1863 3398), 21 bungalows: 800 – 4,000 baht

Alina Grande Hotel 9/2 M 4 White Sand Beach, Koh Chang, Trat (Tel: 08 1982 4622, 0 3955 1348 Fax: 0 3955 1346, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 57 rooms

Alina Resort 9/10 Mu 4 White Sand Beach, Koh Chang, Trat (Tel: 08 1863 0543, 0 3955 1135 Fax: 0 3955 1136 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,.

Arunee Resort Mu 4, White Sand Beach, Koh Chang, Trat (Tel: 08 1219 3867), 18 rooms: 250-300 baht

Bamboo Bungalow 8/4 Mu 4, White Sand Beach, Koh Chang, Trat (Tel: 0-3955-1158, 08 9834 7875) 11 rooms: 1,200-2,000 baht

Banpu Ko Chang 9/11 Mu 4, White Sand Beach, Koh Chang, Trat (Tel: 0 3838 1675, 0 3838 2959, 0 3838 3236-8 Trat Office Tel: 0 3954 2355-6 Fax: 0 3954 2359 Bangkok Tel: 0 2580 3596, 0 2589 1177 Fax: 0 2588 4887 www.banpuresort.com), 30 rooms: 2,000-7,000 baht

Ban Sansabay Resort 16/8 Mu 4, White Sand Beach, Koh Chang, Trat (Tel: 0 3955 1061-3, 08 1732 3564, 08 9191 2046) 6 house: 1,000-1,500 baht

Ban Thai 6/47 White Sand Beach, Koh Chang, Trat (Tel: 0-3955-1108-9 , 08 9236 5274) 11 rooms: 1,800-2,200 baht

Independent Bo Bungalows - from 200 baht low season, from 300 baht high season.

KC Grande Resort - bungalow-village with restaurant - from 1800 baht.

Koh Chang Kacha Resort & Spa - in the centre of the beach. Fantastic beachside swimming pool, beach-front bungalow-villas, pool-side deluxe villas, deluxe hotel rooms, and many rows of bungalow in tropical-style garden. The best place for families. Good value for money, friendly staff, delicious food. From 1800 baht (low) 3500 baht (high).

Pump's House - from 1500 baht; double room for four 2500 baht (high season prices).

Pattamas - at the southern end of White Sand beach. Roomy upstairs apartment with balcony, large BR, lounge and bathroom. Great value at 800-2000 baht. Three cheaper rooms available at 400-800 baht. Pattamas restaurant serves authentic thai dishes, coffee, teas, beers, and spirits. Staff are friendly and happy. Tel: 0896088668

Rock Sand Resort .

White Sand Beach Resort).

Klong Son Bay

Siam Royal View - Chang Noi Beach - Villas & Beach Bungalows Koh Chang

Klong Prao Beach

Aana Resort & Spa 19/2 Mu 4 Klong Praow Beach, Ko Chang, Trat (Tel : 0 3955 1539 Fax : 0 3955 1540 . 71 rooms: 3,700-7,500 baht

Aiyapura Resort & Spa 29 Mu 3 Ko Chang, Trat ( Tel: 0 3955 5111-5 Fax: 0 3955 5118, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 84 rooms 4,500 – 26,000 baht

Amari Emerald Cove Resort 88/8 Mu 4, Tambon Koh Chang, King Amphoe Koh Chang, Trat (Tel: 039-552000 , 08 1564 1472, 0 2309 81137), - the only officially rated 5 Star property on Island. 165 rooms. Rates from 5300 baht for high season.

Baan Rim Nam Khlong Phrao 3 rooms air co wifi 1100 baht (tel 0870058575). Renovated wooden fisherman's house.

Barali Beach Resort 77 Mu 4 Klong Phrao Beach, Koh Chang, Trat (Tel: 0 3955 12238 Fax: 0 3955 1239), 40 rooms: 8,000-14,000 baht

Koh Chang Tropicana Resort and Spa, 77 rooms: price 4200-9900 baht

Blue Lagoon Bungalow , Khlong Phrao Beach , Koh Chang, Trat (Tel: 08 1940 0649, 08 1985 1132) 14 rooms: 500-1000 baht

The Dewa Hotel 40 deluxe rooms / Swimming pool /Khlong Phrao Beach Tel66 39 557 339. Next to Amari Emerald cove resort.

Klong Prao Resort - rooms from 1100 baht.

V.J. Hotel & Health Spa - prices from 1500 baht.

Kai Bae Beach

Kai Bae Resort - Bungalows & Hotel From 700 THB.

KB resort Fan or air co Bungalow / Garden or sea view / Nice swimming pool & beach Rates 900 THB/ 4 000 thb Tel. +668-1862-8103 E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Garden Resort - Quiet and charming resort with luxury bungalows, swimming pool, high speed Internet and just 150 meters from the beach. Rates 1,200 - 2,700 baht.

Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort,. price from 2,000 Bht

Gajapuri Resort and Spa . five star bungalows on the beach. High season rates 4,000-12,900 bath.

Porn Bungalows built out of wood by the beach

Sea View Resort & Spa,. prices from 1,600-10,000 baht: over 100 rooms.

Siam Bay Resort Koh Chang, . 100 moo 4, Kai Bae Beach , Koh Chang Trat (tel: +66(0)87-0265515) 60 luxury bungalows on the beach, large family bungalows on the hill side and new Seaview and Pool Villas. High season rates 500-4,000 baht, "green season" rates 300-2,200 baht.

Hat Tha Nam (Lonely Beach)

Bhumiyama Beach Resort 99/1 Moo 1(Lonely Beach) Tambon Koh Chang Tai , Trat (Tel: 08 1860 4623, 0 3955 8067 Fax: 0 3955 8070, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is the only 4 star resort on Lonely Beach, offering beautiful sea view bungalows and hotel rooms. Its located next to Nature Resort. Prices starting around 3000 baht.

Kachapura Tel 086 0500754. Newly built, well-appointed concrete bungalows spread around a serene tropical garden layout in Hat Tha Nam's 'town' strip. It's a trek through the garden to get to the beach, which is anyway rather rocky, so better to walk 5-10 minutes down the road to the beach and bar at Siam Huts. Some noise from nearby bars at night in the bungalows near the road. Fan bungalow 500B, AC 700B.

Lonely Beach Resort New concrete bungalows with fan, tv and wifi about 500B. Restaurant serves Thai and western food. A 5-10 minute walk to the sandy beach.

Nature Beach Resort is mostly a backpacker place. They have bungalows starting from 300 baht. They have quite good bungalows for about 500 baht with fan. They recently rebuilt the restaurant and the bar. The restaurant is good, but the atmosphere in the beach bar is not the same as it used to be.

Oasis Bungalows are a unique place in this area. It is situated hillside with stunning sunset views from the restaurant deck, where you can enjoy Isaan home-style dishes, sandwiches or pasta. The cute wooden huts come with fan and mosquito net, attached open-air bath with the islands best shower. Sunee gives you a warm welcome and you get the feeling to stay with good friends.

Paradise Cottage is located at the end of Lonely Beach (most people in the area can point you to it) and has very nice, large and clean waterfront cottages from 300 baht. There is a somewhat rocky but very pleasant waterfront, an amazing bar, and lounging areas with very friendly staff and outstanding food.

P & Nico Guest House & restaurant , excellent pizzas- probably the best in Koh Chang and thai food ; more french menu

Siam Beach Resort Koh Chang, tel: +66(0)87-0265515. Right on the beach. Formerly a backpacker place, converted into a 3,5 star resort with large swimming pool in early 2006. Premium Sea view and Deluxe pool view hotel rooms, all with a sea view, cable TV, refrigerator, hot water, comfortable beds and breakfast for two start at 1500 baht. Exclusive Pool Villas offer relaxation to those that require a bit more privacy and plenty of comfort. Stay longer in the Koh Chang Condominiums.

Siam Hut Right on the beach, offering a quiet atmosphere (unless they are hosting a beach party, in which case don't expect to sleep before 2am), friendly staff, delicious food and spartan waterfront bungalows for around 400 baht/night, with more expensive AC bungalows at 680B.

Tree House . Children/family-specials (kids-menu, playground, kids-corner, car park). Restaurant/bar is located on the beach front and has stunning sunset views. They also have a new (and very quiet) resort at Long Beach at the southeastern end of Ko Chang.

Bailan Beach

Ao Bai Lan Beach Resort Laem Bai Lan (Tel: 08 1761 4582), 10 rooms: 150-200 baht

Bai Lan Resort 6/1 Tambon Ko Chang Tai, 6 bungalows: 100 baht, Pitching a private tent requires paying a fee for 50 baht per person/night

Bang Bao Bay

Bang Bao is on the south side of the island. It's little more than a long stretch of wooden deck that takes probably 5 minutes to walk from end to end, with dive shops, seafood restaurants, local housing, and a few places that provide accommodation for visitors.

Alysia Spring Resort Bang Bao, . 27 rooms with A/C, hot water, fridge, cable TV, safe, balcony. Internet. 1 km to beach, free shuttle service. English and German-speaking staff. From 800 baht/night.

Bang Bao Blue Wave Resort 47 Mu 1 Tambon Ko Chang Tai (Tel: 08 1451 5512), 51 rooms: 300-800 baht

Bang Bao Sea Hut 53 Bang Bao Village, Koh Chang (Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., .

B. Phoem Phun Thap 24/1 Mu 1 Bang Bao Village, Tambon Ko Chang Tai, (Tel: 08 1732 2798) 2,000 baht/ 20 person

Tan Mayom Beach

The first beach on the east, has very few places to stay as there is no sandy beach. The place is however, very natural.
Other locations

Ao Sapparot Camp and Resort Ao Sapparot, 3 rooms: 400-500 baht

Arawan Bangalow 4 bungalows: 100-200 baht

Baan Mae Resort 12/4 Mu 3 Koh Chang Tai (Tel: 08 1782 6924, 08 7133 7100) 17 rooms: 600-1,500 baht

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